Childcare Management System

Childcare Management System

Perfect solution for nurseries and chains to ensure well-run quality early childhood programs. The Nursery Management System is the perfect solution for nurseries and chains that want to ensure well run quality early childhood programs. Created by experience with hundreds of nurseries to assist in setting up, and day-to-day management of the nursery.

The Nursery Management System has been created to help nurseries meet the local regulations and requirements, as well as the international best practice in preparation for accreditation or quality assurance.

The Nursery Management System can be used with a wide range of nurseries, including private daycare providers, preschools, after school care, children’s centers, and corporate childcare centers.

Keep your nursery organized, save months of hard work, and set a strong foundation for a unique early childhood centers with this Nursery Management System, which includes: operations plans, policies and procedures, forms, marketing, planning, registration and enrollment, finances, personnel issues, classroom maintenance, parent forms, curriculum policies, accident book, child protection books, visitor books, nursery self-assessment kits, and so much more.

This system sets strong foundation for ensuring quality childcare and include the following:

  • A collection of books created by Arabian Child for the successful management and operation of a high-quality nursery in the Middle East.
  • A visitor book, accident reporting book, child protection concern book, and a fire drill book.
  • Also included is a collection of highly recommended books on high-quality childcare center management; including books on program standards, leadership and administration, curriculum, space and furnishings, financial management, and infant and toddler care.
  • Policies and procedures describe how you plan to operate your program. Policies and procedures are created using international best practice, integrating the local practices and laws of the Middle East.
  • Keep your nursery organized with a selection of more than 50 childcare forms – the most comprehensive and professionally presented forms available.
  • Books and guidelines
  • HR forms and policies
  • Self-improvement guidelines
  • Staff Handbook
  • Parent Handbook
  • Nursery architectural design guidelines
  • Nursery architectural design guidelines for children with special needs
  • Detailed list of furnishings, toys and materials for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

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