Quality Standards

Quality Standards

Domain 1: Child Learning and Development

Center uses a developmentally- appropriate curriculum that includes screening children for developmental concerns, ongoing assessments of child progress, and individualized teaching based on each child’s needs. The Center is responsive to the inclusion of children with special needs and build partnerships with parents.

  • Education Program
  • Curriculum
  • Relationships & Interactions

Domain 2: Child protection, Health and Safety

The Center defines and implements policies and procedures for safeguarding and protecting children and staff. It informs, raises awareness and provides training about child protection to staff and parents.

  • Child Protection
  • Child Safety
  • Child Health & Well-being

Domain 3: Workforce Qualifications Professional Development

Workforce Qualifications & Professional Development Staff have appropriate qualifications and experience in Early Years and have sufficient professional development from an authorized training organization.

  • Staff Qualifications
  • Professional Development

Domain 4: Citizenship, Community Partnership and Family Relations

The Center establishes reciprocally beneficial relationships with the community, establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with parents and families through constant communication and ongoing opportunities for parental involvement. The Center promotes children’s social development and provides opportunities for responsible and active citizenship.

  • Relationship with Parents
  • Community Partnership
  • Citizenship

Domain 5: Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Center ensures that children are adequately supervised and provides appropriate adult-to-child ratios and groupings. The Center has a safe and healthy environment that is well- maintained and equipped with age-appropriate resources. The Center promotes nutritious eating and healthy habits.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Environment
  • Provisions for SEN Children
  • Resources
  • Child Teacher Ratios

Domain 6: Leadership, Management, and Administration

The Center has a competent and knowledgeable leadership that provides clear guidance and direction. It has operating systems and mechanisms that ensure compliance with government regulations and promotes business sustainability. The center has clear policies, systems, and procedures that promote continuous improvement.

  • Leadership
  • Center Operations
  • Human Resource Management

Certification Tiers

The tiered system is a viable accountability measure that supports children’s centers in improving quality. Each tier builds on the foundation of the previous one, resulting in significant improvements at each stage.

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