Training for Families

Childhood health is associated with a wide variety of outcomes throughout the life course and families bear the primary responsibility for making direct investments in children. Families provide the caregiving context in which most children grow and develop; they also provide resources to children. Families play a primary role in promoting child health and development. Thus, any effort to promote child health must necessarily involve families.

Arabian Child training programs help to support the development of quality family environments in which children are raised and to help them to provide safe, stable, and high-quality care.

The need to feel secure and stable at home is important to everyone, but children especially need to feel this. Having a place where they are physically, socially, and emotionally secure is imperative for healthy development and a successful future. Children who feel a connection with their caretakers and their home go on to exhibit fewer at-risk behaviors later in childhood.

Our Training Programs for Parents

1) Creating a Safe Home Environment

Keeping your child safe at home can be easy when you learn the general safety measures and home safety tips. This course will provide parents with easy to use checklists for indoor and outdoor home areas, balcony safety, kitchen, bathroom, living areas, and special safety measures for infants and toddlers.

Duration: 4 hours

2) Teaching Children to Protect Themselves

This course has received huge successes all over the UAE with parents and their children in city and rural areas. It teaches children how to protect themselves at home, at school and in the community, understand good and bad touch, learn about secrets and other key protection issues in a developmentally appropriate, fun way full of activities and games (for children 4+).

Duration: 2 hours

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