Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care

  Foundation level awarded certificate that will enhance knowledge to develop children’s; cognitive, physical, social & emotional development, working in partnership with parents and learning about; professional work ethics, child protection policy and procedures, observation and class management.

Teachers, trainee, or assistant teachers in early years settings (nurseries, childcare and kindergartens)

This program consists of 21 units within 7 themes:

  • Theme 1: Principles of child development and learning
    • Children's cognitive development
    • Children's language development
    • Children's social and emotional development
    • Children's physical development
    • Children's holistic development
  • Theme 2: Advancing Children’s physical and intellectual development
    • Emergent literacy development
    • Learning environments to enhance creativity
    • Learning centers
  • Theme 3: Supporting Children's Social and Emotional Development
    • Enhancing children's emotional intelligence
    • Establishing a sense of community in the classroom
    • Positive guidance for challenging behavior
  • Theme 4: Observing and recording children's work and behavior
    • Observations skills for early childhood educators
    • Child assessment from birth to 5 years
  • Theme 5: Building productive relationships with parents and families
    • Establishing Productive Relationships with Parents
    • Involving Parents in the Classroom
  • Theme 6: Maintain ethical conduct and professionalism
    • Child protection reporting procedures
    • Advocacy skills to raise awareness of early childhood development
    • Working in partnership
  • Theme 7: Managing an effective classroom and setting
    • Classroom management, planning, and record-keeping
    • Activity planning
    • Curriculum in Early Childhood Programs

Training is certified by Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)
Arabian Child Education Consultants (UAE)
Accredited by (KHDA) Knowledge and Human Development Authority (UAE)


Course Fees

Self Study



Additional fee for support services apply

Learners will complete their coursework at

their own pace by using the 

learning management system

Start date: 26 October 2020

Face to Face Training



Learners will be taught face to face

in a classroom-based setting

Group Discounts Available

Registrations are open

Course fees inclusive of 5% VAT.

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